Mar 31st, 2015
Comedian Mitch Hedberg died ten year ago today. Hedberg was one of the funniest, most original comics of all time. When we got a gig doing animated stand-up for Comedy Central, one of the first things we did was send them clips of Hedberg. "We wanna do cartoons with this guy!" They agreed, and here's one of our favorites.

Augenblick Studios Inc - Videos - Shorties Watchin' Shorties - Mitch Hedberg

Mar 30th, 2015
The real ending of Birdman.

29.0% sodium — Suck my Balls

Mar 11th, 2015
In case you missed the Pratt lecture, you can be there via twitterverse.

Aaron Augenblick Talk at Pratt's Dept of Digital Arts (with images, tweets) · DDAPratt

Mar 11th, 2015
Augenblick Studios shared Pratt Institute's photo.

Mar 5th, 2015
Have you played Ugly Americans?

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