Oct 5th, 2015
A new episode of THE JELLIES is now up on GOLF MEDIA! This week is "AIDS". Enjoy! https://subscribe.golfwang.com/

Oct 1st, 2015
"Animated by Augenblick Studios, the team behind some of the most wonderfully demented animation of the last decade" Thanks Avclub! We love you too.

Tyler, The Creator has a new cartoon about violent, foul-mouthed jellyfish

Sep 30th, 2015
We're super excited to debut THE JELLIES! Here's a trailer for our new cartoon series from the mind of Tyler the Creator. Featuring eye-popping Augenblick Studios animation, original music by Tyler, and voices from OFWGKTA. New episodes premiere every Sunday on the GOLF WANG app. Enjoy!

Sep 21st, 2015
Congratulations to Inside Amy Schumer on the big Emmy win last night for best sketch show! A special nod to our good friends Dan Powell and Great City Post. Here's our favorite cartoon we made for the show. Woohoo!

Sep 15th, 2015
Augenblick Studios made a kid cartoon? Gross.


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