Oct 17th, 2017
#TheJellies billboards popping up across the country! 🇺🇸

Oct 16th, 2017
#TheJellies premieres on Adult Swim this Sun 10/22 12:15AM!!!

Oct 12th, 2017
#TheJellies in Newsweek. Coming soon 10/22.

Tyler, the Creator hopes 'The Jellies' on Adult Swim brings him more old, white fans

Oct 4th, 2017
Aaron Augenblick is interviewed in the premiere episode of the BubbleBlabber Podcast. Aaron talks Augenblick Studios, Looney Tunes, Fleischer Studios, My Little Pony, Twin Peaks, He-Man, Wonder Showzen, The Adventures of Drunky, & his new Adult Swim show #TheJellies. Take a listen here, enjoy! https://youtu.be/bIZILirE5Iw

Sep 29th, 2017
ANNY Best of Fest starts today! Augenblick Studios events 9/29 2pm & 9/30 4pm. http://www.annybestoffest.com/ for details.

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