May 22nd, 2015
Here's the first look trailer for our new show GOLAN THE INSATIABLE! Premiering 5/31 9:30PM on FOX.

May 14th, 2015
Don't forget to check out Louie tonight @10:30 on FX. What happens when Louie hosts a party for 8 little kids? Tonight's episode is "Sleepover" and features a cartoon from Augenblick Studios. Enjoy!

May 2nd, 2015
Augenblick Studios with Meredith Nolan and 7 others

Apr 29th, 2015
Big news! We have a brand new half-hour TV show called GOLAN THE INSATIABLE and it’s airing this summer on Fox Primetime Sunday Nights. We’re working with ADHD Studios, making it super-amazing just for you. The show is about a giant demon and stars Aubrey Plaza, Rob Riggle, Maria Bamford, Ken Marino, and John DiMaggio. GOLAN premieres Sunday, May 31 @ 9:30 PM. Check it out! It’s evil and funny!

Fox to debut animated series Golan the Insatiable on May 31

Apr 26th, 2015
TransFatty Lives won the audience award at the Tribeca Film Festival! Congratulations everybody! We made all the cartoons in this amazing film.

Tribeca Film Festival Audience Award Winners Unveiled

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